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An exploration of colour and shape

To the rhythm of

Surface / Depth / Surface / Depth

Foreground / Background

Layer / Erase


I am a painter and installation artist. My work in inclusive participatory arts for over 30 years has influenced my solo and collaborative practice. 


My need to navigate and process the world in an experiential and intuitive way is central to my practice. An immersion in making, with a sense of discovery through playfulness and risk-taking are values I maintain in my work. 

Using a spontaneous approach, I collage observations, ideas and experience - connecting inner and outer worlds - to explore tension, contrast and control

My interest in colour and composition extends beyond drawing and painting to make installations from modular pieces of work. Through this I enjoy finding freshness through re-configuration, new narratives and dynamic relationships. 

My collaborative practice as part of Obscure Secure (with fellow artist Jacqueline Utley) extends my interests in process and representation and feeds my work. Our projects explore twentieth century women artists in collections and have partnered with Christchurch Mansion (Ipswich), The Red House (Aldeburgh) and Towner Eastbourne.


Since 2017 I have been documenting the colours I see in the view from my studio window, across the river Deben to Sutton Hoo. This ongoing, cumulative piece of work - Across the river in the trees - connects observing nature with decision-making through colour. 




Collaborative Projects

2021/23 Obscure Secure at Towner Eastbourne

2017/18 Suffolk Artlink Step Up

2017/18 Obscure Secure Red Studio Enquiry

2014/15 Obscure Secure


2023 Through the Trees to the River

2022 Listening to Kathleen Walne

2017 Baggage Reclaim: some thoughts on feminism and painting, Rebecca Fortnum

2015 Obscure Secure

Grants & Awards

2023 British Art Network, Landscape Research Group

2021 Arts Council England, Project Grant

2019 Creative Retreat, Britten Pears Foundation

2017 Arts Council England, R&D Grant

2016 Firstsite Collector's Bursary Award

2015 a-n Review Bursary Award

2014 Arts Council England, Project Grant


Ipswich Borough Council Collection


2023 Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, The Art Station

2022 Creating Constable, Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich

2021 Workout, Asylum Studios, Suffolk

2020 Colour, The Cut, online

2020 Studio Works, The Cut, Suffolk

2019 Just One More Thing, Asylum Studios, Suffolk

2019 This is not an oak tree, Jugg Art Foundation

2019 Women 100, Ipswich Art Gallery

2018 Annual Ipswich Biennial, Ipswich

2018 Step Up, Jerwood DanceHouse, Ipswich

2016 Sad But True, Jerwood DanceHouse, Ipswich

2015 Foule Parlement, Rye Creative Centre, Sussex

2015 Obscure Secure, Studio 1.1, London

2014 Obscure Secure, Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich

2014 This Year's Model, Studio 1.1, London

2013 Art Britannia, Art Basel, Miami

2013 Summer Saloon, Lion & Lamb, London

2013 Creekside Open, London

2012 The Cut Arts Centre, Suffolk

2011 Creekside Open, London


BA (hons) Fine Art, Chelsea School of Art

MA Video, Middlesex University


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